Red Hot Tomato
1 x $65.00
Vegetables Juices
1 x $85.00
Orange Sliced Mix
1 x $92.00
Orange Fresh Juice
1 x $68.00
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We Thanuf Associates are former Grocery merchants for more than 3 Decades in Erode with the peoples trusted grocery store. Now we are elaborating the business to the field of import and exporting grocery items and other segments that customers need. (We have very high supply chain support from our suppliers, meanwhile we do direct purchase from farmers to meet out our special quality needs, we do produce certain products in our own farms too).As we are into the business for more than For 3 decades we procure the best product to the client and we deliver the best to them

Zia Ahamed MBA

Managing Partner - Thanuf Associates
Director - MRM Stores

Syed Ibrahim Sakir K

Managing Partner-Thanuf Associates
Director- Spruce essentials private limited

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Why Choose Thanuf Associates?.

Your well-being is our priority. Our products, be it the antioxidant-rich turmeric or the flavorful mirchi, are not just ingredients; they're contributors to a healthier lifestyle.

Know where your food comes from. We believe in transparency, and our sourcing practices reflect that commitment. Trace the journey of our products, from the fields to your table.